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Spain, national:
Constitution (1812)
Clara Ɓlvarez Alonso, Universidad AutĆ³noma de Madrid, Spain

Title of document in print version:ConstituciĆ³n de la MonarquĆ­a EspaƱola (1812)
Explanatory title:Constitucion Politica de la Monarquia EspaƱola
Print version published in:Constitutions of the World from the late 18th Century to the Middle of the 19th Century. Sources on the Rise of Modern Constitutionalism / Verfassungen der Welt vom spƤten 18. Jahrhundert bis Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Quellen zur Herausbildung des modernen Konstitutionalismus. Edited by / Herausgegeben von Horst Dippel.
Europe, Vol. 13:
Constitutional documents of Portugal and Spain 1808 ā€“ 1845 / Verfassungsdokumente Portugals und Spaniens 1808 ā€“ 1845 / Textos constitucionais de Portugal e Espanha 1808 ā€“1845 / Textos constitucionales de Portugal y EspaƱa 1808 ā€“ 1845.
Edited by / Editados pela / Editados por AntĆ³nio Pedro Barbas Homem / Jorge Silva Santos / Clara Ɓlvarez Alonso.
Berlin / New York: de Gruyter 2010,
pp. 345-390.
Subject:Spain -- National -- Constitutional Document -- 1812
Persistent url of this electronic edition:http://modern-constitutions.de/ES-00-1812-03-19-es-e.html

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