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United States of America, Maryland:
Constitution (1776)
Amendment of 1836 (4 of 5)
Horst Dippel, University of Kassel, Germany

Title of original document:An act to repeal all such parts of the Constitution and Form of Government, as relates to the division of Cecil county, into four separate election districts
Subject:United States of America -- Maryland (State) -- Constitutional Amendment -- 1836
Source:Laws Made and Passed by the General Assembly of the State of Maryland, At a Session begun and held at Annapolis, on Monday the 28th day of December, 1835, and ended on Monday, the 4th day of April, 1836. Published by Authority, Annapolis : Jeremiah Hughes, 1836, ch. 259.
Document courtesy of:Archives of Maryland Online, Maryland State Archives
Persistent url of this electronic image set:http://modern-constitutions.de/US-MD-1776-11-08-en-a-1836-4-i.html

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